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Einrichtung: LS Allgemeine Psychologie I - Einzelansicht

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Einrichtung LS Allgemeine Psychologie I Drucken
Zusatzbezeichnung LS Allgemeine Psychologie I (Prof. S.R. Schweinberger) Veranstalter/-in J
PLZ 07743 Telefon Sekretariat: +49 (0)3641 9 45180
Ort Jena Fax +49 (0)3641 9 45182
Straße Am Steiger 3, Haus 1 E-Mail-Adresse Sekretariat Allgemeine Psychologie <kathrin.wiese@uni-jena.de>
Dienstzimmer Hyperlink http://www.allgpsy.uni-jena.de/



General Psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the processes and mechanisms of human mental activities. Its “classic” areas of interest are perception, memory, attention, language, communication, motivation, emotion, action and, more recently, consciousness. Our own approach seeks to understand not only the functional “microarchitecture” of these processes, but also their neuronal bases. In addition to traditional experimental psychology, we use various research methods of the Cognitive Neurosciences, such as event-related brain potentials (ERP), functional brain imaging, or neuropsychological investigations of patients suffering from focal brain lesions. We all have a “social brain”, and our main research interest is in person perception and human interaction. What are the processes which enable us to recognize identity, emotional expression, or speech from a face or a voice? How does our perceptual system integrate information across different sensory modalities? How can the dynamic interplay between these processes of person perception and social action be characterized in human interaction? Visit our lab and research pages to learn more about our current projects.

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Kaufmann, Jürgen , Ph.D.

Person Funktion von bis Ergänzung
Schweinberger, Stefan, Universitätsprofessor, Dr. Leiter(in)
Wiese, Kathrin Sekretär(in) (50%)
Bräuer, Juliane , Dr. rer. nat. Lehrbeauftragte(r)
Kaufmann, Jürgen , Ph.D. Wissensch. Mitarbeiter(in) Lehrstuhlstellvertreter; Laborleiter: EEG Labor I & II; Laborleiter 3D Labor; Erasmuskoordinator des Inst. für Psychologie; Lehr- und Prüfungskoordinator der Abtl. Allg. Psy. 1
Kreysa, Helene , Dr. phil. Wissensch. Mitarbeiter(in) Laborleiterin: EyeTracker Lab
Zäske, Romi , Dr. Wissensch. Mitarbeiter(in) Post-Doc
Kamchen, Bettina Mitarbeiter(in) Technische Assistentin
Rauscher, Kathrin Mitarbeiter(in) Technische Assistentin
Humble, Denise , M.Sc. Doktorand(in) Doktorandin
Wulf, Christine Wissensch. Mitarbeiter(in)
von Eiff, Celina Isabelle Wissensch. Mitarbeiter(in) Doktorandin
Stiens, Philipp Doktorand(in)
Dastgheib, Samaneh Sadat Wissensch. Mitarbeiter(in) Doktorandin
Ficco, Linda Wissensch. Mitarbeiter(in)
Winkler, Paul Doktorand(in)

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