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Prüfungsnummer 116220
Studiengang [128] - Physik
Prüfungsversion [-1] - besondere Verarb.
Abschnitt [G] - Grundstudium
Kurztext PAFMO122
Drucktext Biophotonics
Pflichtkennzeichen [WP] - Wahlpflichtfach
Prüfungsform [G] - generiert
Prüfungsart [MO] - Modul
Art der Notengebung [G] - Berechnung nur m. 1 NachK
Inhalt und Qualifikationsziel

The Module provides a deep introduction into the multitude of possible linear and non-linear light biological matter interaction phenomena and thus in modern techniques and applications of frequency-, spatially-, and time-resolved bio-spectroscopy. The course presents a comprehensive overview over modern spectroscopic and optical imaging techniques inclusive specific theoretical methodologies to analyze the experimental spectroscopic data to resolve problems in life sciences.

The biological part introduces to molecular and cellular properties of living organisms. It explains the basic structures and functions of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells as well as the most important biochemical substance classes and biochemical pathways where they are involved. Furthermore, basics in microbiology, especially in antimicrobial resistant bacteria will be provided and combined with the introduction of diagnostic principles and selected infectious diseases. Examples for molecular and serological assay and test development and basic methods for diagnostics and epidemiology will be discussed. This sets the stage for biophotonic applications by showing several examples of how biophotonics can help to shed light on biologically and clinically relevant processes.

The Module spans aspects of the scientific disciplines chemistry, physics, biology and medicine. The Exercises will be partly calculating examples and partly in the form a seminar talks of the students presenting current research publications.

Intended learning outcomes: The aim of this course is to present modern methods in spectroscopy, microscopy, molecular biology, microbiology and imaging dedicated to biological samples. After the course the students will be able to choose and to apply appropriate spectroscopic methods and imaging technologies to resolve special biophotonics problems.

Lehr- und Lernformen

Vorlesung: 2 SWS

Übung: 1 SWS

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