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Writing Retreat of the Department of General Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (Workshop) - Einzelansicht

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Veranstaltungsart Workshop Langtext
Veranstaltungsnummer 109523 Kurztext
Semester SS 2024 SWS 2
Teilnehmer 1. Platzvergabe 0 (manuelle Platzvergabe) Max. Teilnehmer 2. Platzvergabe 20
Rhythmus Jedes Semester Studienjahr
Credits für IB und SPZ
Sprache Englisch
Belegungsfrist Standardbelegung Wintersemester ab Mitte August/ Sommersemester ab Mitte Februar
Abmeldefristen A1-Belegung ohne Abmeldung    19.02.2024 09:00:00 - 26.03.2024 08:29:59   
A2-Belegung mit Abmeldung 2 Wochen    26.03.2024 08:30:00 - 16.04.2024 23:59:59   
A3-Belegung ohne Abmeldung    17.04.2024 00:00:01 - 19.08.2024 07:59:59    aktuell

Zugeordnete Person
Zugeordnete Person Zuständigkeit
Zäske, Romi, Privatdozent, Dr. organisatorisch
Zuordnung zu Einrichtungen
Institut für Psychologie
PRO Allgemeine Psychologie I
DFG Forschergruppe Personenwahrnehmung


The goal of this structured writing retreat is to provide dedicated time and space for academic writing (papers, methods sections, grant proposals etc.) in a supportive and motivating environment. Because of the current situation, we will be in different locations. However, we will have a virtual zoom-room, hosted by Romi Zaeske, via which participants will stay connected throughout.

According to research (adapted from Murray & Newton, 2009), writing retreats work best when you:

  • Focus exclusively on writing
  • Do not to use internet (switch off Email)
  • Decide on a writing project and do reading and other preparation beforehand
  • Define specific and realistic writing goals and sub-goals for each of the writing slots of the day, i.e. sections of a paper or chapter, number of words
  • Take stock of your achievements towards these goals throughout the day
  • Discuss your writing-in-progress during breaks to gain mutual peer support

What to prepare

  • Decide on a writing project (in coordination with your supervisor or co-authors)
  • Plan realistically (considering that the actual time for writing is 27 hrs overall)
  • Do as much reading and preparation as you can before the actual retreat
  • Have all necessary files and software available
  • Make sure you are in a quiet working environment
  • Take care for refreshments and food for (lunch) breaks

Retreat Programme

For the detailed programme, please contact Romi Zaeske (romi.zaeske@uni-jena.de).

Further reading

Murray and Newton (2009) Writing retreat as structured intervention: Margin or mainstream? Higher Education Research and Development: 28:5(527 – 39).

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