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Friedolin – Online course administration

Welcome to Friedolin,

the Campus Management System of the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena.

Without Login: Module descriptions, schedule of classes and departments (university structures) are available. To use additional functions like e.g. Apply for exams, Study reports please login.

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Equality clause:

All descriptions of statuses and functions within our online course system Friedolin apply equally in masculine and feminine form.

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12.10.2021  Results of the 2nd allocation of seats

Dear Friedolin users,

Friedolin has completed the 2nd automatic allocation of seats without any technical errors. You may now check your sample study plan and your courses as well as your timetable. As already announced, there have been adjustments to the planning of the winter term. Due to the changeover process, room allocation will continue until October 15th. Only then, you will be able to see in which room your courses will take place. The marking of the course format in Friedolin remains in front of the course title.

If you have any further questions about the courses, please contact your lecturer. Please also note that there are a number of courses with manual allocation of places. In these cases, only the lecturer decides on the allocation of places.

Additionally, please note that access to courses is only possible for persons who can prove to fulfill one of the „3 G“(vaccinated, recovered or tested). On the Corona FAQs students you will find further information on the organisation of the winter term.

We wish you a good and successful start. Kindly don't forget - you can register for exams from 18.10.2021 from 9:00 am.

Your Friedolin Team


07.10.2021  Results of the 1st allocation of seats

Dear Friedolin users,
the first automatic allocation of seats has been completed successfully. Please check the recommended study plan, courses, and your study plan. Please contact your lecturers if you have any further questions. Please note that there are many courses where the lecturers allocate seats manually. You may withdraw from the courses to which you gained admission within the given period (excluding the study programmes of the Institute of Sport Science). You can also still apply for further courses. The second automatic allocation will take place on 12 October 2021.

Your team Friedolin

30.09.2021  Online survey: How do you start your studies during the pandemic?

The DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education is interested in how first semester students in Germany manage the beginning of their studies during the pandemic and is looking for participants for a national online survey in which the University of Jena takes part.

Participants will be required to take three online surveys taking place two to three months apart as well as 15 online surveys of eight minutes each at the end of every semester week.

You are welcome to register until 19 October 2021 at the following link: www.soscisurvey.de/stecco

Thank you for participating.

Your Division 1 – Student Affairs

09.09.2021  Adjustment of the winter term

With the decision of the Executive Board from September, 7th 2021, distance regulations no longer apply to university courses. Instead, the so called 3 G (Vaccinated, Tested, Recovered) in combination with the wearing of a protective medical mask, apply as admission requirements for all courses at the University of Jena.

For the winter term, this means that we no longer have pandemic-related reduced room capacities. The process of replanning the winter term has already begun and you will receive detailed information on this from the Executive Board shortly. Due to the changeover, rooms will have to be reallocated. So please do not be surprised if no rooms are allocated to courses or if the times of courses still change. Probably from September, 24th 2021 on, you can read your timetable in Friedolin. From October, 15th 2021 on, you will find final room details in Friedolin.

In case you have questions regarding your courses, please kindly contact the respective professor. For general questions regarding the winter term, please visit the FAQ homepage.

31.08.2021  Networking offer for students with disabilities, neurodiversity, chronic and/or mental illness

Many students at the University of Jena with disabilities, neurodiversity, chronic and/or mental illness feel like they are alone with their experiences and the challenges of everyday university life. From our counseling activities, we know that there are many other people with the same or similar experiences at the University of Jena. Therefore, we - the Diversity Office of the University of Jena - want to open up a student-moderated safe and inclusive space to informally exchange experiences, challenges, found solutions and much more.

If you are interested in such an exchange and networking with others and would like to help create such a space, please feel free to contact us at: diversitaet@uni-jena.de

Your Diversity Office

23.08.2021  Switched to the winter term 2021

Dear students,

the semester change in Friedolin has taken place on August 23, 2021. You can now register for courses of the winter term 21/22 by using apply for modules/cancel application and the schedule of classes.

Unfortunately, we still underly distance regulations which result in reduced room capacities. Therefore, a limited number of courses will take place on-site, others will be offered online or in a mixed format.

There will again be four different types of courses, which can be identified for quick orientation in front of the titles of the courses:

  • ONLINE: Course that takes place exclusively online and does not allow or require on-site attendance.
  • PRAESENCE (PRESENCE): Course that takes place exclusively in presence without (video) recording.
  • ONLINE-PLUS: Course that takes place partly online and partly in presence without (video) recording.
  • HYBRID: Course that takes place in presence for a limited number of participants and is streamed and recorded live. The group size for face-to-face participation is determined by the available room capacity.

In case of uncertainties concerning the format of individual courses please contact the responsible lecturer.

Please note that the plans for the winter semester are preliminary and may change depending on developments.

For further information, please refer to the FAQs.

Your Friedolin Team

08.07.2021  CHE University Master-Ranking: The Survey starts on July 12, 2021

In this year’s summer semester the students of the following master programmes are being questioned:

Bioinformatics (M.Sc.), Computational and Data Science (M.Sc.), Computer Science (M.Sc.), Mathematics/Business Mathematics (M.Sc.), Medical Photonics (M.Sc.), Photonics (M.Sc.), Physics (M.Sc.)

The invitation is sent by the University of Jena. In order to further implement good processes or to improve the study conditions of your programme, we kindly invite you to take part in the CHE-survey. The survey will run until 23rd of August 2021.

Please find detailed information on the CHE-ranking online: https://www.uni-jena.de/en/CHE_Ranking.html

Your feedback is important! Thank you for participating.

Your Division 1 – Student Affairs

17.06.2021  'Student Survey in Germany' starts on 17 June 2021

The 'Student Survey in Germany' (“Studierendenbefragung in Deutschland”) is the most comprehensive current survey of all students in Germany. The survey aims at achieving a representative description of the situation of all students in Germany. This includes the

  • social and economic situation of students
  • different educational, career, and life paths
  • various attitudes, interests, life situations
  • challenges you encounter during your studies (such as studying with kids, mental health and health impairment, diversity and gender aspects).

The survey will start on 17 June 2021 at the University of Jena. Participation is possible until the end of July.

The invitation is sent by the University of Jena. Please find detailed information online: https://www.uni-jena.de/en/student_survey

This is an opportunity for you to help improve the situation of all students by sharing your personal educational history.

Please note: In a previous study, many students with visible or invisible mental health conditions, chronic illnesses or disabilities, as well as neurodiversities, stated that they would like more networking opportunities within the university. If that applies to you, then please feel free to contact the Diversity Office: Diversitaet@uni-jena.de

Your feedback is important! Thank you for participating.

Your Division 1 – Student Affairs

14.06.2021  Information on exam registration

Dear students,

the registration period for examinations ends on 21 June 2021. Some examinations may have different registration deadlines. You can find those under the information on specific examinations.

After 21 June 2021, the Corona Frame Statute of Uni Jena allows you to cancel the registration for a module examination or partial examination of a module. Provided that any part of the exam has already been taken, cancellation is possible up to one week before the examination date and without stating any reasons. If you want to make use of this option, you may cancel your registration in the usual way. The deadline for the cancellation is displayed in the cancellation link. As for exams which do not name an examination date, it is unfortunately not possible to cancel via Friedolin. In this case, please contact your responsible examination office.

Please note: the cancellation is valid for the whole semester. It is therefore not possible to take the corresponding re-examination.

Your team Friedolin

01.06.2021  Code of Conduct: Rules for Digital Teaching

A working group consisting of representatives of the Academy for Teaching Development, the Office Digital University, and the Legal Office of the University of Jena developed a university-wide code of conduct for digital teaching. The Code of Conduct defines standards and rules for interactions in digital teaching and learning situations and—as a supplement to the Principles of Good Teaching—provides a basis for successful teaching and learning in the digital realm.

See here for the Code of Conduct: Rules for Digital Teaching at Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Your Academy for Teaching Development

04.05.2021  individual regular duration

Dear Students,

the induvidual regular duration has been added to the certificates of student status in Friedolin. The certificates can now be downloaded when needed.

Your team Friedolin

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