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Name des Moduls [117060] Light Source Modeling Modulcode PAFMO206

Studiengang [128] Physik ECTS Punkte 4 LP

Arbeitsaufwand für Selbststudium 75 Stunden Häufigkeit des Angebotes (Modulturnus) jedes 2. Semester (ab Sommersemester)
Arbeitsaufwand in Präsenzstunden 45 Stunden Dauer des Moduls 1 Semester
Arbeitsaufwand Summe (Workload) 120 Stunden    


Prof. Dr. Frank Wyrowski

Voraussetzungen für die Vergabe von Leistungspunkten

schriftliche Prüfung (100%)

  • E. Hecht and A. Zajac, Optics
  • M. Born and E. Wolf, Principles of Optics
  • L. Mandel and E. Wolf, Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics
  • B.E.A. Saleh and M.C. Teich, Fundamentals of Photonics


Voraussetzungen für die Zulassung zum Modul


Art des Moduls

Wahlpflichtmodul M.Sc. Physik in der Vertiefung „Optik“

Wahlpflichtmodul M.Sc. Photonics

Zusammensetzung des Moduls / Lehrformen

Vorlesung: 2 SWS

Übung: 1 SWS

  • Special cases of monochromatic fields
  • Gaussian beams and its propagation
  • Electromagnetic coherence theory; cross spectral density
  • Cross spectral density and polarization matrices
  • Stokes vectors and Mueller matrix
  • Mode decomposition of general source fields
  • Elementary mode decomposition
  • System modeling with partially coherent source fields
  • System modeling with ultrashort pulses
  • All techniques are demonstrated at hands-on examples
Lern- und Qualifikationsziele

The application and usage of optical technologies benefit significantly from the ever growing variety of light sources with different characteristics and reasonable prices. LEDs, lasers and laser diodes have become indispensable in numerous applications and devices. Ultrashort pulses are on the way to industrial and medical applications. X-ray sources are of increasing importance. All those sources require a suitable approach in optical modeling and design. The students will get a comprehensive overview of different source modeling techniques of practical importance in optical modeling and design.

PAFMO206 ... Light Source Modeling Modulhandbuch

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