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Friedolin – Online course administration

Welcome to Friedolin,

the Campus Management System of the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena.

Without Login: Module descriptions, schedule of classes and departments (university structures) are available. To use additional functions like e.g. Apply for exams, Study reports please login.

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Equality clause:

All descriptions of statuses and functions within our online course system Friedolin apply equally in masculine and feminine form.

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Aktuelle Hinweise

15.10.2018  Changed registration period for examinations

Dear students,

From the winter semester 2018/2019, the registration period for examinations for the most of the study programmes is longer. Instead of six weeks, the period in which you can register for/withdraw from examinations lasts ten weeks now. For exceptions, please see the information below.

In this year, the registration period ends on 24 December 2018. We recommend you to register for your examinations by the mid-December to have enough time for any inquiries. Regarding those, please note the office hours of examinations offices and Friedolin team as well as the holiday periods in which the University will be closed.


We would like to inform you that some examinations, e.g. those taking place rather at the beginning of the semester, may have different registration deadlines. You can find those under the information on specific examinations.

For all examinations of the Faculty of Biological Sciences and of the Institute of Sport Science the registration period remains unchanged and lasts six weeks.

Your team Friedolin

02.10.2018  New general regulations on examinations

Dear Friedolin users,

Please note that there are new general regulations on registration for examinations and on third attempts: For further information, please refer to: Link.

For further information on the registration for examinations, please refer to the FAQ section in the portal Friedolin.

Your Office of the Vice-President for Learning and Teaching